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We can develop your go-to-market strategy to gain distribution with mass retailers, grocery, pharmacy, specialty, discount retailers and catalogs. We can help with selling into all sectors from Amazon to Walmart plus sell on live TV shopping networks and Ecommerce sites throughout the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, India, UAE and Middle East. 

Whether you are just starting out with a new product idea or want 

to expand distribution into retail channels that offer consumers an omnichannel shopping experience, we can help.  

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Our service includes a free initial consultation to help you identify new routes to market. Our process is designed to enhance brand awareness and increase sales to get you on the fast route to success.

Launching Your New Product


We will work with you to create a strategic plan that takes you through each stage of development.

Product Design + Prototyping + Manufacturing + Retail Distribution 

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Brand Experience

Jill Duggan and team have successfully contributed to the growth of international brands including: Revlon, Vidal Sassoon, Marc Anthony Cosmetics, Babor Cosmetics, Barbie, Buddy L Toys, Mary-Kate & Ashley, ICTV Brands and others. 


Jill Duggan

For over twenty years, Jill Duggan has worked with inventors, start-ups and brand licensors and licensees. She is a seasoned marketing executive who has been a spokesperson on QVC and served as Vice President of Marketing for several international brands. 

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Product Design + Prototyping + Manufacturing + Retail Distribution

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